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Fursuit Court Drama continued...

Well once again today proved to be a complete waste of time.

The court messed up, saying that Amber was given a double judgment which entitled her to both the head and the $480 that was paid for the commission minus the deposit. The judge in the first case clearly stated it was one or the other. Amber even agreed to that when asked today.

All that was supposed to happen was that Amber was to ask Exdra about her finances. How much she makes a month and stuff like that. Unable to comprehend this simple notion we ended up staying there from 9 till noon. She wanted Exdra’s bank account number (which she had to give) How much was in her account, and her social security number. (Exdra couldn’t provide that at the moment.) I’m surprised that was even an option with the whole identity fraud thing going on nowadays.

So Pretty much the morning consisted of Amber, Her mother, her friend/boyfriend/relative? Exdra and Conejo going back and forth trying to write up a contract about how Exdra should repay the money. I bickered back and forth with Amber’s mother for a bit as well. Amber broke down to Exdra crying saying that it was her mother who was making her do this. They settled on Exdra paying $50.00 a month starting January 6th. This time frame was chosen as it gave plenty of time for Exdra to file the papers she needed to.

Exdra filed an order to correct judgment in order for the court to hear what was said in the previous case to correct the mistake. She wrote out a statement and presented audio from the first case which clearly states the judge’s decision. I asked the clerk if the tape was free use to allow me to post it publicly. He said I was free to do what I want with it and so I’m going to post it on my youtube. You all can hear it yourself and come to your own conclusions. The video was too long to upload as one file so it was broken down into 6 parts. Link: http://www.youtube.com/user/Sayutoma#p/u/4/rYlV3ld90IQ

Amber also hinted that she could sue me for posting my previous LJ about this entire situation. How so? Everything I posted was fact. The journal was left open for all to see and post their replies. I have a number of witnesses and others who have also been the victim of her constant harassment throughout the past year.

And I’ll say this to her “Friend” who added me on LJ. I can’t message you back unless I add you back which I have no intention to do. I don’t know you, nor do I want to. I don’t care if you’re mad at me or not, if you’re neutral or on her “side” This isn’t about sides. This is about resolving an issue that shouldn’t have taken place. You want to know what’s going on? All entries regarding this situation will be public as I have no reason to make them private.

Once we find out what happens next I’ll keep you all updated.

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