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03 November 2009 @ 11:22 pm
Fursuit Court Drama  

 This entry has a bit of profanity here and there. I apologize if it offends anyone. There were some points that I was pretty heated. I’m sure most of you have heard about the Exdra/My FurCreations drama with Amber rarely known as “Bluewinkle” Since I’m being asked the same questions over and over about what’s going on I’m going to tell you from start to finish. This journal was typed off and on in my spare time. I had stopped since I thought there was no point in posting it but after recent events I’ve decided to go ahead and do it.



I have no idea how Amber found me. I’m thinking Myspace or Youtube or something. Anyway she messaged me via Myspace asking if I could help her with her fursuit. She seemed cool enough and I was up for meeting more local furs so I agreed. I talked with her on the phone a bit to feel her out and see what kind of person she was. She sounded a little jittery and nervous. I paid no mind seeing that I’ve encountered people with worse quirks. So she comes to my house and I began showing her the suit parts I had made and telling her the process as to go about making them. She kept going on about how she wanted it to look. She showed me some of the fur she had purchased  from Joann’s which is one of the worst places to buy fur. It was matted and dirty looking, another material she had brought didn’t look like fur at all. An ugly peach color that she probably bought because it was only $8 per yard. She kept asking me questions about things I had already told her, how to do the hands, feet etc. I even sent her links to various building sites though I doubt she even looked at them. She met my mother who offered to help her make a body suit as she had made my previous.. After spending time with her and talking, my mother mentioned to me that she had some issues and that she was someone I probably shouldn’t be too friendly with. I should have listened. Shortly after this my boyfriend (Conejo who was living in LA at the time) Came down for one of his usual visits. She began asking him questions about how he made his fursuit and even asked if he could make her head.


He had other things he wanted to work on but he agreed. Amber asked if he would charge her less if she shipped the materials to his house. What for? He has access to the fashion district in Downtown LA. Everything a person needs to build a fursuit is in that area and much cheaper than buying anything in San Diego. After going back and forth for a while I guess she decided to go with someone else as the questions had stopped. Halloween gets closer and she begins saying she’s going to make her own fursuit head. That seemed cool enough. My mom finishes the body suit and she tries it on. It fails. The fabric is so cheap you can see her clothes through it. I even told her this, but she seemed to love it. So Halloween rolls around and we planned to go to a game center called the Boardwalk. She posts a picture on her FA a few hours before we meet up. You couldn’t even tell what it was supposed to be. One of my friends said it looked like a “retarded squirrel” I felt it was just better not to say anything.


So we meet up with friends and have a really good time. Things are cool for a few months then around mid/late December we began buckling down and planning for FC. Amber once again started asking about fursuits and mentioned about getting a head done. Exdra wanted to go to FC but was a little short on funds. I wanted to help out both friends and I had seen a couple of suits Exdra had done in person so I knew she produced quality work. I gave Amber Exdra’s contact info (her FA and website). Amber commissioned Exdra for a fursuit head of her character, Bluewinkle for $600. The commission was estimated to be completed between May and July.  Instead of the 30% Deposit Amber decided to pay half up front. She mailed $300 to Exdra and she was added to the commission list.


Now this next part is where I got dragged in. Three days after the payment was sent. I’m on my way home from school when I see my phone is full of text messages and missed calls. It’s Amber demanding that I give her Exdra’s phone number because she needs her money back. Why does she need her money back? Because she had somehow thought it was a good idea to use the money her aunt gave her for school books to commission a fursuit head. I refused to give her the number. Telling her that if she wants to contact Exdra then she’ll have to e-mail her or note her via Fur Affinity. I thought that was the end of that but I was wrong. She called me again, this time with her parents on the line. They too asked me for Exdra’s number. I told them that I had no right to give it out. I offered to call Exdra for them and they agreed. So I called her and told her what was happening. Amber and her parents on my home phone and Exdra on my cell. Literally caught in the middle.  Her parents tried everything to get her to refund the money. They said she had a mental illness. Really? They why let your daughter have access to such a large amount of money? Why let her drive around unsupervised? Exdra basically told “them” that her policy was no refunds on deposits and that she could either continue with the head as scheduled, extend the deadline to a September completion or not receive anything at all. So they decide to continue on with the commission. Amber paid the remaining balance.


Fast Forward to FC, Amber didn’t have a ride. She imed me asking what my plans were for FC, I told her I was going up with Conejo, Knight Wolf, Exdra, Dracon and Vex. I had thought that Amber and Knight  were good friends so I suggested that she ask him for a ride up. She did and he agreed. When FC rolls around Knight goes to pick her up and her parents want a copy of his license number photo id. We lolled. After he picks her up we drive up to LA to pick up Exdra, thinking the whole fursuit/money issue had been resolved. Later on Knight had told me that during the 6 hour drive to the con Amber’s parents called every 5 minutes asking where they were on the road. Seriously why even let her go? After we arrive in San Jose Knight drops her and Vex off at the Main Hotel.She was supposed to be staying at her cousin’s house but apparently planned to stay with some friends. She wanted me to tell her parents she was with us if they called. That annoyed me. I didn’t want to be caught up in whatever possible lie she was telling her parents.


During the con she seemed overwhelmed by everything. She tagged along with us a few times but pretty much did her own thing. We enjoyed the con and on the last day were ready to head home. Amber was supposed to drive back down with some other friends of hers but at the last minute she asked for a ride with Knight. Being the kind of person he was he wasn’t going to leave her stranded. So we head back. Exdra’s parents had driven up a day before the con ended and took her, her cousin and Anthony home.  We stopped by her house on the way back to San Diego. We were there for quite a few hours. Amber was freaking out the whole time. Her parents wanted her home asap. Frankly we didn’t give a damn. Her plans had been to ride back with her friends. We were doing her a favor by giving her a ride back. They kept calling her phone demanding to know when she was coming back. Finally Conejo took the phone and told them the situation that they needed to stop calling.


 Shortly after FC the shit starts back up again. Once again she asks for Exdra’s number. It had gotten so bad that I deleted her from all my contacts told her to never talk to me about fursuits again. I even tried to avoid her at local meets. Even then she would follow me and try to talk to me. I would either ignore her or give her short answers and walk away. One day at the Furnow meet up she approached Knight and asked him for the Exdra’s number. I remember her saying “Don’t you think six hundred dollars entitles me to a phone number?” I pulled him aside afterward and asked if what I had heard was correct. When he confirmed it we went back to talking with friends. Then she approached me saying she wanted to talk to me about Exdra. I went off on her and cussed her out. I told her to stay away from me and if she wanted to contact Exdra then she needed to do so via e-mail. I told her if she were to bother me about this again I’d post her on artist_beware. She walked off and that was the last I saw here there.


Fast Forward to Califur. Exdra had been working on Amber’s head. It was foamed and carved. Amber claimed Exdra never sent her any progress shots (which she did as Exdra had evidence during the court case). Knight and I arrived first to the hotel. We got settled in our room, got our registration badges and waited for everyone else. Conejo, Exdra and Anthony arrived a little later. After getting their badges we decided to go somewhere to eat. We began walking toward the side exit of the hotel that was when we ran into Amber and a friend of hers. She called out to Exdra and asked about her head. Exdra told her it was almost completed but she’ll talk to her more about it later. Amber kept trying to talk as we continued walking. That’s when both Anthony and I told her that we were hungry and she needs to wait until we get back. So we kept walking and went outside. All of a sudden I felt a hand on my shoulder and some guy call out Exdra’s name. I’m not cool at all about being touched by people I don’t know I was ready to strike.

I turned around and saw it was Amber’s friend. I snapped at him and he backed up. That was when Amber started demanding her head. Exdra explained to her about the completion date. It was not yet July and the deadline wasn’t up yet.  She kept going on about how it was due in May. Both Exdra and Anthony repeatedly told her that “Between May and July” meant the span of those months. We couldn’t understand why she couldn’t comprehend this. We were hungry and annoyed we came to the con to have fun obviously and it was starting off like this. I don’t remember what happened that got me speaking but I went off on Amber. I’m not going to lie, I said some harsh things. I told her she was batshit crazy. That I had tried to help her and now she’s going around harassing people for Exdra’s number and was downright rude. She pissed me off even further saying that she had never asked for any help. I replied by telling her that it wasn’t me who wanted to be friends with her. That had somehow found me and asked me for help and after all that craziness of dealing with her and now pawning her off on my friend I felt bad for that. The whole event was somewhat of a blur. After the incident we left, grabbed food and returned to the con. During the entire convention she followed not only me, but Anthony, a few other friends of ours as well as two of Exdra’s customers. She demanded that they go to the headless lounge with her and remove their suits to talk to her.


The final day of the con our plan was to suit up for a bit, grab food and part ways from there. That plan was shot when Amber showed yet again wanting her head or either a refund. She wasted pretty much all of our suiting time. Exdra became so fed up she was just going to offer a refund minus the deposit. Exdra told Amber that when she got home she would email her this to begin ending their business transaction. After Anthony explained to her what that meant, we were finally able to head out for food.  Fours hours later Exdra returns home and receives an e-mail from Amber saying she would much rather have her head. Exdra replies telling her that the deal is closed and that she would be getting a refund (It was because of this that Anthony and Exdra posted the article about her on artist beware. Which can be found here: http://community.livejournal.com/artists_beware/251348.html

 Done deal right? Wrong.


Around late June Early July I get a text from Exdra saying that Amber is suing her. WTF?! What was there to sue? She was getting her money back. I had Exdra read the paperwork to me. She was to appear on July 30th at the courthouse near my old house. We told Exdra to print our all of the e-mails that had anything to do with Amber and her commission. Exdra was also having car trouble at the time so Conejo and I made the 2 hour trip to her house and brought her down to my place. The head was pretty much finished and Exdra had planned to sell it. Some of the money used would go to refunding Amber. We made some feetpaws, handpaws and a tail to make it a partial to be auctioned on ebay. Before heading back to SD we looked at the paperwork and the e-mails to make sure everything was in order. We had also printed out a picture of the now finished fursuit head that Amber would have received.


Court was a complete joke. Seven of us arrived to see the show: Exdra, myself,  Conejo, Knight Wolf, My mom (lol) Vex and Kana. Amber and her parents arrived almost an hour late. She looked like she had been crying and was forced to show up. When it was her turn to state her case she stuttered constantly had no idea what she was talking about half the time and her paperwork was so disorganized the judge refused to read it. (Did I mention she’s going to school to be a lawyer? =/) One woman had to actually leave the courtroom because she was laughing so hard. The judge heard both sides and looked over Exdra’s documents. He concluded that Amber had the choice of either the head or a refund. OMG really? The same fucking choice that Exdra had offered before. After a short conference with her wackjob parents she opted for the head. After the case was over she was whisked away. It was over. Finally. We would never have to deal with this bitch’s bullshit again. We all hung out and Exdra stayed over another night then we took her home. She sent out the head a few days later.


Fast forward to my “Fucking Furries Journal” on FA posted a few days ago. I get another text and a phone call from Exdra. Exdra gets a visit from the Sheriff. He serves her with papers and she sees that she has to once again come all the way to San Diego for court. Once again we have to drive up and pick her up to see what this nut wants now. It could be that she didn’t inform the court that she received her head. If that‘s the case then a counter suit will be filed for waste of time and gas.

Like I mentioned before I feel bad I got Exdra involved in this, and it’s because of this very reason I’m not a friendly off the bat with certain people. Some furries think that just because we have this one little hobby in common we should be united and look out for each other. Fuck that. If you want my friendship and respect you have to earn it just as I have to earn yours. I can’t wait till this is truly over. So many people were dragged into this that didn’t need to be. Myself included and it was all started for nothing.

So that’s pretty much the whole story.  I tried to keep it as short as possible but as you can see that didn’t work.

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Tony: ☆Fursuit → Dracon ♔ MMOutfit ♬ah_anime18 on November 4th, 2009 07:50 am (UTC)
my name was mentioned 7 times in this journal
this pleases me! I'M FINALLY POPUFUR!!! >=D

Most people don't like to start shit, unless they're behind a computer. I am not afraid to get in someone's face and tell it like it is. Yes, GHEEEETTO STYLE BABY. I ain't ashamed of it, if it means getting this piece of shit out of my way, off my back, and away from me than hell yes.

Amber was harrassing people she didn't even know. On the artists_beware post Keyomi even stated Amber was following her around bugging her constantly. "Where's your maker, where's your maker" Bitch is a broken record.

Amber, if you're reading this. You are a waste of space. Idk if your mom drank while she was pregnant with you, smoked, did drugs, jumped up and down on a trampoline, tried several times to cause you harm by running into a wall because she knew how fucked up you'd turn out. But you are fucking insane. You create nothing but problems

All you've done is create a mockery of yourself. Everyone knows the suffering and abuse you've put us through. Everyone knows the stupid shit you've done/said. And now you want to drag Exdra and everyone else back to court. My only wish would have been that you take everyone on Judge Judy, so the whole fucking country could see what a whackjob you are.

You are fucked
Your parents are fucked
Your reputation as a human being was never there to fuck up anyways

It felt good telling you off. Made it extremely amusing how it didn't enter that tiny little head of yours. You ruined my con and my time. Never get in the way of me and my food. UGH

I love you mucho grande ok?
I'll tag team mind fuck anyone with you any day!
Gregorybaracudaboy on November 14th, 2009 12:39 pm (UTC)
I am so sorry you had to go trough all of this shit hun.
I may not know you, but I can tell you from experience with equally creepy furries that there are some shit bags in the fandom that DO NOT deserve to be there.
*pats* I really hope everything works out for you. Shes the one in the wrong and you deserve the right to put this all behind you.
ConVerconejitoverde on November 4th, 2009 08:38 am (UTC)
Didnt this piece of trash declare that she was "leaving the fandom"...
NO ONE WANTS HER. Furries who will accept any outcast bullshit dont even want her.
Her own supposed friends and even those who have been close to her either talk shit about her or have problems with the way she acts and is.
On LJ alone she has made WTF FA, Furbid Horrors, and Artists Beware.
Does she want to make Furry Drama 2 now?!
I hope she reads this because she needs to understand that she needs to never leave her house. Theres a reason why she decided to leave and its either that she realized that no one wants her or her crackhead parents told her to GTFO.
Stay away from any thing sentient because all you cause is drama
Omi Panda: >_< Stupid People - Edpretty_omi on November 4th, 2009 08:38 am (UTC)
Ugh, she DID fucking try to bother me, I told her it wasn't any of my business and to stop trying to ruin everyone's convention.
I wish the judge would have told her she was shit out of luck. I hope with whatever this next case is, Exdra counters with SOMETHING. I'm amazed that moron can take the same case to court.
I didn't like that girl from the start, I never answered her questions, and she got mad at me once because I didn't want her in a photoshoot with me. That "fursuit" of hers is a complete joke.
Dax the Dancing Wolfwolfwithdances on November 4th, 2009 08:52 am (UTC)
That's a hell of a story. I hope things go smoothly and clearly, like they should have from the start. :)
Joejoecifur on November 4th, 2009 09:49 am (UTC)
Holy crap. Poor Exdra. Customers like this are a nightmare, moreso when you are closely networked to them. :| At least they are few and far between.
tidal_wolftidal_wolf on November 4th, 2009 03:25 pm (UTC)
She is a drama coaster and everyone is sick of the ride.
tashaziggytashaziggy on November 4th, 2009 09:57 pm (UTC)
i'm sure everything will work out in the end...at least i hope so...i love your face tarah and i'm sorry that shit like this happens to good people
Brown Wolf: Chibi Angrybrown_wolf on November 5th, 2009 02:17 am (UTC)
I'd like for Amber to grab my penis so I have a legitimate excuse to punch her violently on the nose.

Seriously, the second she opened her mouth was a day when I knew Amber's destiny in the fandom is an entry on Encyclopedia Dramatica.
Nyow: hmm snakemeownyow on November 11th, 2009 12:49 am (UTC)
Wow I had no idea all this stuff happened :[

I can't believe what a big baby bluewinkle was being and especially denying so much things
AnkuTen Wolfankuten_wolf on November 14th, 2009 10:46 am (UTC)
I have analyzed a few things about Amber. She may have short term memory, bipolar disorder, loneliness, and autism, just to list a few. I can't be certain about her behavior in society, but if it's true about what the parents say, that she has a mental illness, then you should've took caution with Amber. I find it ridiculous when she denied everything at court, and have messy court papers. She should be put in a psychological study for further analysis.

She also might have some sort of learning incapability and comprehension problems. What made her think that she can even be in the fandom when she doesn't know the first thing about anthropomorphism? I'm not like any psychologist or anything but I do like to analyze things like this. I hope people will learn from this experience and not put that much hate letters/comments.
tarah_rosemoontarah_rosemoon on November 15th, 2009 06:04 pm (UTC)
Re: Damn..
Like it says in the post. I didn't find out about her mental illness until after the commission was taken and money sent. When her parents had a three way calling session with them and Exdra. So yeah, we were already too far in with her.
Majy: Majy is staring at youmajy_the_dragon on November 14th, 2009 12:48 pm (UTC)
I feel bad for every one who had to deal with that crazy insane person. I feel especially bad for Exdra. In my opinion i think Amber/blue or what ever needs a psychiatrist, some pills and a kick in the ass.
Taffy the pink Triceratopstaffypinkdino on November 15th, 2009 02:30 am (UTC)
I actually met her when I lived in San Diego...at first she seemed nice, then I gave her my phone number because she wanted to talk about fursuiting and performing...when she called me every other hour- I got the vibe to avoid her and something was wrong....

She finally let me alone when she realized I moved back to Ohio after my internship completed.

SERIOUS issues.
tarah_rosemoontarah_rosemoon on November 15th, 2009 06:02 pm (UTC)
Yep that's how she was with me. My mom was the one who told me she wasn't all there. You're lucky you got away from her when you did.
bluewolfcheetahbluewolfcheetah on November 21st, 2009 12:35 am (UTC)
Reasons like this..are why I do not accept commissions. I'm so paranoid about getting a whack job that's freaking sue happy, and a stalker to boot.

While I don't know any of you well, I hope you all get this sorted out soon and that this head ache is overwith ASAP.

Moms have this vibe thing going on, it seems. They always seem to have a radar for when things can go screwy.
Gilligan: gilligan annoied_gilligan_ on November 26th, 2009 06:32 am (UTC)
I'm so sorry you got stuck in the middle of all this.

I went though the same thing with Jesskitt, minus the actually being sued part. It was a nightmare and I haven't taken commissions since.
LatinVixenlatinvixen02 on November 26th, 2009 07:37 am (UTC)
My goodness this was one hell of a scary read. I wish you guys the best of luck.
QuietFirequietfire_ on November 26th, 2009 07:58 am (UTC)
Wow wtf, I always got the feeling she was a bit off when I saw you guys at FC09 and when I saw her at Califur. Sorry to hear you guys got involved with all that shit.
Elainelaneypanda on November 26th, 2009 02:14 pm (UTC)
Caught this when LV posted it in her own journal.

Wow, just wow. As someone said above, I'm amazed she can bring the same case to court. When there's a previous judgment on a case, all other courts lower than that court's tier need to abide by the same judgment. She's just wasting everyone's time. I really wish she would take it Judge Judy so I can finally have a fantastic, amusing episode to watch. *is a big fan of the show* :D

Some furries think that just because we have this one little hobby in common we should be united and look out for each other. Fuck that. If you want my friendship and respect you have to earn it just as I have to earn yours.

A-freakin'-men. I can't stress this same point enough to tons of random people that find my name via pounced, FA, whatever and send me meaningless messages and expect me to be their best friend. Do we have things in common other than being furries? Okay, that's something we can build on. You just IM'ing me just to say my suit's cute? That's boring and I'll probably ignore you/block you in the long run.
tarah_rosemoontarah_rosemoon on November 27th, 2009 10:42 pm (UTC)
"You just IM'ing me just to say my suit's cute? That's boring and I'll probably ignore you/block you in the long run."

This. I've actually done that to a few annoying people in the past. Even now I'm thinking how did I let the little nut job get this far.

lizardbethartlizardbethart on November 26th, 2009 06:01 pm (UTC)
this is why I never give my phone number out. Scary stuff o.O
Silver Huskysilverlinz on November 26th, 2009 06:35 pm (UTC)
Oh .. My... God..

Thats horrifying. I send you and Exdra all my strength to get through this!

Furry can be a dangerous place sometimes, gotta keep out heads up and weed out the creepies before they snap and go ape shit insane on us lol.
tarah_rosemoontarah_rosemoon on November 29th, 2009 12:46 am (UTC)
Exactly why I posted this. We all have to watch out for the weirdos.

Thank you so much for the support! <3
therealurubabetherealurubabe on November 30th, 2009 10:06 pm (UTC)
(remembering that you don't like to be touched by strangers) *air hugs* I can't believe something THAT crazy happened to you! It makes me seriously reconsider taking fursuit commissions...

hopefully, this is the end of it though... good luck for the future! =)
antimon: CB Rooantimon on December 2nd, 2009 09:32 am (UTC)
An unfortuante situation for all involved, it's a shame it had to go this route. I can see several issues with this whole thign and several outs, or where the situation was antaganized, could have been cut off at the head with a simple exception, but at the same time she had no reason to act the way she did (amber) More hen likely apart from her mental issues, a good majority of this escalation was casued by her parentsboth manipulating her behind the scenes and their direct involvement.

Just goes to show this is a deleicate business, but you do have to treat it like a business, and you have the right to refuse service to anyone, get contracts to protect yourself and be willing to take it to court as needed,

Situations liek this have made several great makers re-evaluate their desire to do this for others and have either stopped, reduced, or considered dropping doing comisions, and thats unfortuante for the rest of us
irkencat on December 22nd, 2010 06:32 am (UTC)
have been institutionalized twice and I ain't that crazy or stupid. That's just sad! Although I will admit there were many ways around the ending situation or even better permanent solutions. What astounds me is that people like her get into the fandom. I mean come on are furrs these days to much of cowards to shoo these people clear of us? Sometimes people are outcasts for a REASON!
bliskwhiskersbliskwhiskers on January 2nd, 2011 01:45 pm (UTC)
I am SO glad I found this. This bluewinkle is asking me questions about a head I have for sale on furbid and asking about a custom one. Im a bit put off for a custom now. Im so so very sorry this shit happened. People suck.
tarah_rosemoon: crazy girl by wirsindaurelietarah_rosemoon on January 3rd, 2011 08:25 am (UTC)
Yeah you're better off not doing business with her. And heck no on anything custom. I'm glad this entry was able to help. :)