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FC 2010

FC was awesome! Did some suiting. I wore both Tarah and my first self built suit, my little green Sating Hybrid, Arbuncle. I’ll have to get used to digitrade legs, as I got worn out pretty fast, lol. There were so many awesome new suits out there. It was also great to see some of my old friends from around the states and beyond.
I got to meet Tidal for the first time who’s grown so close to me these past 3 years. We’ve never met in person before but it’s always felt like we had and meeting seemed like he was coming back from a long trip than a first time encounter.

Another first for me at FC was I got pretty tipsy I’m not much of a drinker but I figured it would be fun to try it. Went up to Bongo and Dago’s room and drank about 10 mudslides. After that we headed to the lobby, when I couldn’t sober up enough I went to my room and pretty much let loose there. I don’t really remember too much other than laughing a lot but from what they tell me I said some crazy things, lol. I fell in love with Johnny Rockets and The Pita Pit, the food was great and it was pretty cheap. Also I adored the 50’s theme at Johnny’s.

The best night was Saturday. Exdra, Conejo and I performed in the masquerade as Vitamin C, Lollipop and Arbuncle. Though we didn’t win we had fun and seemed to get the people’s vote. :) After the masquerade we switched suits and met up with my favorite Rat, Marko (in Rattus) to give him the cheese we had made for him. We shot a vid, which will be up on YouTube in a few days. After the vid we invited Marko, Dago and Bongo to our room and ordered some food. Marko’s friend stopped by and we all ended up watching some really weird show on tv. It was like spring break mixed with a charity walk? =/ We joked around a but before calling it a night. I haven’t laughed so much in a long time.
I can’t believe it’s over so soon. I’m looking forward to FC11 already.
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Conclusion (or so we hope)

I got a text from Exdra today that she had received word from the court: "The court finds the judgment entered in error and orders the judgment of 7/30 vacated and the plan/def claim dismissed."

Basically the court did make a mistake, Exdra dosen't owe any money, this is all over.

All in all there was fault on both sides. Hopefully though we all learned something from this.

Be careful who you get too friendly with or accept a commission from. :P
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Fursuit Court Drama

 This entry has a bit of profanity here and there. I apologize if it offends anyone. There were some points that I was pretty heated. I’m sure most of you have heard about the Exdra/My FurCreations drama with Amber rarely known as “Bluewinkle” Since I’m being asked the same questions over and over about what’s going on I’m going to tell you from start to finish. This journal was typed off and on in my spare time. I had stopped since I thought there was no point in posting it but after recent events I’ve decided to go ahead and do it.



Collapse )

So that’s pretty much the whole story.  I tried to keep it as short as possible but as you can see that didn’t work.

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All mine

About a year or so ago my friend Lunar had mentioned to me that he had gotten his fursona copyrighted. He's a very talented artist and on several occasions had had his character & images stolen. The same has happened to me a few times and so he had suggested that I should do the same. So I filled out the paperwork sent in the registration payment and waited. I had almost forgotten about it when it came in the mail yesterday. So now my fursona Tarah Marilinda Rosemoon is by law mine.

She always was of course but it's still good to know that legally it's recognized too. :) 
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Snape Killed Dumbledore :(

Just got back from a late showing of Harry potter and the Half blood prince. Over all the movie was ok, I think I like the Order of the Phoenix better. Only bonus of the film was there was more Snape then the past films have had. Though I might be biased cause I love Dumbledore and I knew what was going to happen.

They had a small trailer for New Moon too. I don't know why people keep comparing Twilight to HP. There's really no comparison. I like Twilight, I'm a sucker for the sappy stuff (though I won't admit it if you ask me) but story and character wise (Not to mention better actors.) it's HP all the way.

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Jury Duty

 So I finally get picked to be on a jury for the first time. It pretty much sucked though. I got summoned during finals and I couldn't postpone it as I had done so 3 or 4 times before and the trial itself was dull. Basically a man got rear ended and was suing the other guy. He wanted 12k to fix his car when it was only worth about 7k. It was a 2k ford mustang LT. Now what made it sad was the plaintiff (a psysics teacher from UCSD) decided to represent himself. He did so very poorly. He had NO evidence to back himself up, no documents from the hospital, no witnesses, no colleagues to speak on his behalf, nothing. The Defendant (who wasn't there because he had patients to treat) accepted full responsiblity and wanted to help the plaintiff, he just wasn't willing to pay for something that clearly wasn't worth it. 

Regardless of the admitted guilt the Plaintiff still felt that he had to prove the Doctor did it. The first day was so boring I actually fell asleep in my seat, as did the bailiff. Of all the cases I could have been on I had to get that snooze inducing crap. The good thing though was it was a short trial.
The defendant's lawyer brought in an automobile appraiser (something the plaintiff should have done) and gave an estimate for how much the car is worth plus the salvage value. During cross examination the plaintiff asked some really irrelevant questions, ie; how old the guy was and was he the best west of the Mississippi or something. :p After all that we had to sit through closing arguments. That was torture because I had to fight myself to stay awake because the plaintiff pretty much tried to recite everything he had said from the beginning. Somehow I managed. 

Finally we were able to deliberate. That part was actually fun. Our verdict was he was entitled to about 6k for the car and 1500 for medical bills and painkillers. 

I'm so glad it's over.